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About Me!

Hey guys! I want to use this blog section to sort of give an insight into my life and give out different information that may be helpful for you as well along the lines of workouts, recipes, and motivation!

I am not a body builder, or power lifter, I am just a woman who loves to work out and also eat doughnuts. I have my two cat terrors at home, Boots (orange tabby) and Peanut (a black and white who knows what lol). These two keep me pretty busy because for some reason they need all the extra love. From taking out all of their toys to doing the life or death sprints across the apartment, they always give me a reason to be watching them.

On the other hand they do make good weights for at home exercises. Boots weighs in at about 12 pounds and Peanut is about 15 pounds and they make good weights for squats and different ab exercises! If you don't want to buy weights for your house I would recommend using pets and children. They might not always cooperate, but they will get the job done!

I really appreciate your support if you have made it this far down. Be sure to sign up for email notification for future posts and comment for future topics you would like to be covered! I hope you have a wonderful day!

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